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Logistics many of our career workshops involve having to transport the pupils to the relevant companies. This has become a challenge as some of the excursions or out of the area

Catering– while there are some companies that offer our pupils a meal, this is not always feasible for them. A well-known fact in South Africa is that the majority of our youth go to school hungry. Teaching a child on an empty negates the purpose of developing them

Social and Psychological Development– while we may be facing staff shortages, there is a much bigger deficit in the psychological well-being of the youth. Some of the youth go home to environments that are not conducive for learning and overall development. The Academy is in need of an “Agony Aunt/Uncle” contributor in its quarterly magazine as well to provide workshops, especially for our lower performing pupils


Focus Areas

Over the past few years, the standard of education has declined drastically in South Africa. The youth of today also have different perspectives on life and careers have also evolved. The Academy wants to encourage creativity in traditional careers as well as entrepreneurship. There are several fields of interest that we focus on that we want to invite society to take part in and join us in the endeavor to better the social environment for our youth

Literature and Poetry

The reading and writing abilities of our children have been left wanting. Having a love literature has also been reduced to only novels. Everybody is different and has their own way of taking an interest in something. The Academy’s intention is to look at all kinds of reading and writing materials in order to have our children improve on their literary abilities. Currently this will take will be done in Sesotho, isiZulu and English to encourage participation

Maths and Science

Our country is in dire need of Maths and Science Careers. We want to open doors for inventions for our youth to increase an interest in the engineering fields. We however also want to include social clubs within these fields to stimulate young minds

Fine and Performing Arts

Not every child is inclined to follow the traditional academic route. Most of our youth fall through the cracks as time passes because they somehow become invisible. This leads to many of them finding solace in drugs other destructive social activities. Such behavior is usually the result of no expressive platforms. Creative-based careers remain unheard of in township areas and there have been no place to nurture our children in that path. We want to turn the frustration of our youth into aspirations for economic growth


During the Apartheid era the majority of our population was subjected to limited exposure of social activities. The only sports that united those who were socially deprived were soccer and to a certain degree boxing. Historically, sports have proven to be a great unifier of people. The exposure of novel things gives one a sense of exploration and initiative. There are many open areas in our townships that have become a place of crime rather than recreation. These places rightfully belong to our youth to run the streets freely

Youth Social Club

Our society is plagued with angry and confused youth and our reactionary response to only the symptoms is not yielding any positive results. The townships are marred with a) idling youth with trouble waiting for them and b) ill-skilled pre-adults for preparation for the adulthood. Basic tools such as knowing how to write a Curriculum Vita or, a young man being taught how to be better treat our young women are no longer a luxury. Former Model-C school used to have clubs called Girl or Boy Scouts. While our main focus at the moment is high schools, we would like to prepare our youth as early as possible. The Academy would like to invite individuals and groups/organisations who can provide our youth with life coaching workshops and other related activities.

LGBT Matters

The discourse pertaining to matters of Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual and Transgender remains a taboo in most communities, much less in township communities. However it is an issue that we cannot keep burying underground. One of the causes of teen suicide is the inability to express themselves openly, especially about their sexual orientation. Just like any other lifestyle there are daily events that take place about sexual orientation, including the phenomenon of “corrective rape”. These issues need to be aired for educational purposes.


Food supply and shortage is literally a matter of life and death. South Africa is facing a danger of increased poverty due to the constant increase of food prices, depriving the majority of the population of a healthy lifestyle-even at tertiary level where our future leaders are struggling with basic meals. For practical reasons the focus here will be unemployed post-matriculants. We would like to invite those involved in agriculture and Environmental Science to partner with us in this regard.

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