It could have been just another career discussion, but not for these Maths and Science learners. 1 February 2019 marked the first career workshop of The Vaal Leadership Academy. The group comprised the class of 2019 as well as some learners of Grades 9-11.

The workshop started with the pupils being divided into groups to be taken through the different engineering fields respectively. The educators of the school, as well as the staff of the Academy, could not bunk the lessons as one of the Directors, Mr Dan Phasoane, took them through their own excursion. A day was not enough to discuss the deficits that youth in townships face.

“It’s cool to be an Artisan”, were the opening words of the post-excursion discussion held by another one of the Directors. The pupils were once again gathered in the auditorium, where Mr Dan Sothoane gave a talk on the importance of broadening one’s mind on career choices. He also reiterated the need to eradicate gender bais myths on careers.

Learners being given a talk on the different engineering careers that have are a necessity to our economy but not promoted enough;  from Boiler making to plumbing and welding…
The staff of MCD Training Centre, The Academy as well as the educators of Lebohang Secondary School all united for one cause: youth development