“Worry about your future…”

Upon request to Sentech for a career workshop for our youth, there was an immediate response of enthusiasm. 15 February came with the expectation of just a talk about telecommunications. How wrong we were: it was nothing short of a revolutionary sermon. Driving through streets riddled with potholes and the whiff of overdue waste and sewage, Ms Phindi Nkomo, Ms Pepsi Tsotetsi and Mr Pumzile Zibi  thought nothing of driving all the way from Johannesburg and Centurion respectively to come and fulfill one purpose: to educate those once ridiculed by the pre-1994 dispensation, and now forgotten by the post 1994 Democracy.

“Make yourself relevant…”

The fear of the 4th Industrial Revolution is real. Ms Nkomo did not mince her words and repeatedly told the youth to worry about their future on account of the advancement of technology.  Curiosity was the order of the day with the learners being warned about wasting time, not setting goals and not being up to speed with societal changes. “Make yourself relevant…there is no time to waste” were the words Mr Zibi stressed.

Opportunities are dressed in overalls…”

Although from the HR Department Ms Tsotetsi had more to dispense than just about employee matters. She stressed about spending one’s youth days wisely and using it as the initial point of continuous development in one’s life. “Opportunities are dressed in overalls…because they are hard work”.

The common theme that came from the team was the warning to the learners about whom they choose to surround themselves with.