The conference featured discussions on leadership with about 40 participants in attendance. Speakers Edinoh Kingsley, Vincent Ameh, Theophilous Emuakpoeje, Omoja U, Isreal, and Tunde Efolabi spoke on leadership in all spheres of life. The youth were made aware of the leadership crisis that is crippling Africa. The advice dispensed for the day: if you can’t beat them, don’t join them-stand out.
It was stressed that in order to be a good leader, one needs to first learn to serve better. With the current state of affairs plaguing our continent, the blame game was dissected and analysed , and the importance of personal leadership was highlighted. “If you can’t lead yourself, you cannot lead others”.
The attending youth were urged to observe and learn from both past failures and achievements, and to resolve to be a different leader that will transform and make an impact.