DIY-LOCKDOWN: Upstyling Old Clothes

Just because clothes become old or too small, that does not mean they no longer have any use. Not only can they be made into new garments, but they can also be used for interior décor

With or without a sewing machine, we can dress up our surroundings whichever way our creative minds allow!!

My homemade scatter cushion

Before you start, here are the tools you need

  1. Measuring tape or Ruler

  2. Pins

  3. Needle

  4. Thread

  5. Marker (I use old stumps of soap as markers)

  6. Old denim jeans/pants

  7. Piece of plain cotton fabric

  8. Sewing machine if available

here is what you have to do.

  • Cut 2 Squares of 20x20cm in denim & plain sheeting fabric

  • Tear/Cut 3cm denim strips (If you want the rustic look, rather tear it).

  • Align them onto the plain fabric, into rows ensuring they’re secure using pins on the edges.

  • Remove pins along the one edge & start placing more strips in the opposite direction.

  • Ensure the lines

  • are tight and weaved together, but pushing them in so the plain fabric doesn’t show.

  • Put the woven side down on top of the other denim square; be ready to sew them on the wrong side of fabric.

  • Sew along the edges, with a needle & thread

  • Or use a sewing machine.

  • Use 1cm seam allowance and remember to leave approximately 10cm space unsewn.

  • Cut the edges of the square to make turning easier.

  • Turn the square inside out & press it.

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